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Currently I’m in the process of trying to create a nice photo-gallery for all my pictures. I’ve been using SmugMug to host my photos. They work pretty well but I want to have a bit more control over the layout and HTML.

I am about to graduate college with a BS in computer science. When I get a job I may finally be able to fund my hobbies properly. Currently I have a digital Canon Rebel with two lenses, the one that came with the camera and the standard 50mm lens. Since I don’t have a huge investment in equipment I can easily jump ship and go with Nikon once the money starts flowing. I wanna get a full frame digital camera since I enjoy using wide angle lenses the most (I had a nice Nikon one from when I still used film). Getting an excessively live wide angle lens is still cheaper than getting a full frame digital camera (though still obscenely expensive).

I’m also becoming less of a purist and wanna get a few zoom lenses so that I only need to carry one or two lenses at a time. I’ve read a lot of literature that suggests that fixed lenses provide better quality images. I’ve found that the standard 50mm lens is a must have for any photographer, it’s cheap and takes high quality images. That said, I find often a photo is not about the megapixels or the lens but how the photo was taken.

I wanna make it a point of trying to go hiking for the sole purpose of finding good photos. I used to do this a lot but have been strapped on time. Hopefully when I get back in the habit I can create a new gallery once a month. I also hope to get some of my old film picture digitized but I’ve found that getting it done at a photoshop is both expensive and of poor quality. Surprisingly, I’ve found scanning old prints with a scanner seems to work better than getting the negatives scanned at a photoshop. One problem I have is that many of my pictures are slides which I’m not sure would work with a scanner.

If anyone knows a good solution, let me know.