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You Can Do Better Massachusetts

I stumbled upon this article about the breweries per capita for each state. We are unfortunately low in concentration compared to other states. In an ideal world there would be a brewery per town. Fortunately we are not exactly low on the scale either. I would be more curious to see a more detailed map to see how western mass stands. I feel we have quite a few microbrews here. I can head over to Amherst for a pint at the Amherst Brewing Company or drive down to Noho for a beer at the Northampton Brewing Company. We also have Opa and Opas, Paper City Brewing, The Peoples Pint and probably a few more in this area. My goal will to help Massachusetts grow its brewery count by one. I need to figure out a brewing repertoire to sell. I’m a bit partial to IPAs but realize I cannot sell exclusively hoppy, bitter beers. I’ll have to compete with other breweries in the area. This is all in the future though, I will have to work a few years to build up the nest egg required to build a brewery. I’m 26 now, if I have my own brewery by the time I’m 40 I will consider my life a success.