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Northampton Brewing Company

Yesterday me and some friends went out to try some beers at the Northampton Brewing Company. I tried Daniel Shays Best Bitter, the Black Cat Stout, Maggie’s Wee Heavy, and the Steamer. In addition I was able to pick up some food there.

The first beer, the bitter was a great example of how a British bitter should taste. It was bitter but nothing like an IPA. The hops seemed English though they were a bit more subdued than I’d like (I’m also a bit of a hop head though). The carbonation was nice and low, what you would expect from a British beer. Definitely a refreshing beer.

The Black Cat Stout was an alright beer. It was a tad bit more smoked than what I would expect from a stout. I also thought it needed a bit more roasted bitterness and was a tad sweet for my taste. I’m also a sucker for dry stouts though.

The Maggie’s Wee Heavy was close to what I would consider the perfect Scotch Ale. It has a very malty taste to it with very little hop bitterness, aroma or flavor. It was a tad bit sweet but that is also part of the style.

The Steam beer makes a great spring beer. Has a nice crisp taste to it. Hops a subtle but there and the beer has a nice grainy taste to it. This beer was my favorite for the evening as it was the most refreshing of the bunch.

I highly recommend visiting the Northampton Brewing Company if you live in the area. The beer is exceptional and the food is excellent.