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Brewing a Stout!

So after months of not brewing, I finally broke down and ordered a few ingredients and decided to whip out a stout. I did not consult any recipe books and pretty much pulled the recipe out of my ass. It consists of:

10lbs of Marris Otter 10 oz of Roasted Barley 7 oz of Chocolate Malt 1 ounce of Nugget (60 minutes) a packet of WYeast 1084 Irish Yeast

Everything went smoothly for the most part. I did get attacked by bees a few times since they seemed to admire the malty smell from the mash tun. I completely forgot to do a gravity check but I would guesstimate that it is around 1.050. This is the first real stout that I have done an all grain of (I did make a stout like beer without roasted barley, using instead dehusked black grain, it was good, but not roasty enough to be a stout). I’m hoping I will have this beer rolled out by November.