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Almost Out of Beer...

I have almost finished all the stout I have brewed. In the end I really enjoyed the flavor. I could not get nearly as roasty as some of the commercial stouts I’ve tried so I may have to give this another shot and increase the roasted barley a tad. I may also lower the hop content a bit. It was not overly bitter but I think it would have tasted a bit more smooth with a bit lower hops. If I increase the roasted barley a bit it may compensate for reducing the hops.

Tomorrow I’m keeping it Irish and brewing my version of an Irish Red. The recipe is as follow:

12 lbs of Maris Otter 4 oz of Roasted Barley 4 oz of Special B 2 oz of Yakima Goldings 2 packets of Nottingham Dry Yeast

The gravity may be a tad high for an Irish Red but I like all my beers to have a bit of kick. If anybody is interested in joining, I will begin brewing at 11:00 AM tomorrow.