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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

So, all those who know me well, have probably already heard the sad news. The IPA I tried to brew has gone horribly wrong. In essence, do to the large number of hops, I needed something to weigh it down. I was going to go shopping for marbles but could not find any. At the ACME surplus store, I found what I though was stainless steel ball bearings. They were heavy, they were shiny, but they were not stainless steel. Whatever material they were made of, they managed to make the beer smell and taste like brimstone and copper pennies. When I removed the hop bags, the hops were dark brown (they were green when I put them in) and smelled like sea weed instead of grapefruit. The ball bearings were black and corroded and smelled heavily like sulfur. The beer was utterly disgusting to taste. Hopefully my next attempt goes better.