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The Somewhat Closer to Being an Imperial Stout

For all those who are regulars to this site (all three of you), you may remember my last attempt at making an imperial stout. I revisited the recipe and tweaked it to be a bit less crazy with the flaked barley. The result? A starting gravity of 1.074! This was better than the last time I attempted this and got a starting gravity of 1.060. Still a bit lower than what I had hoped for. I think if I wanna do this right, I’ll need to invest in a bigger kettle and spend more time boiling. Before we get into too much detail, here is the recipe:

13 lbs of Pale Ale Malt 2 lbs of Flaked Barley 1 lb of Roasted Barley 3 oz of Special B 1 oz of Yakima Golding Pellets 1 oz of Cascade Pellets 1 packet of Wyeast Scottish Ale 1728

I essentially collected 8 gallons of wort and boiled down to 5. After an hour of boiling, I added the hops and boiled for another hour. I may go nuts next time and try for 20 lbs of Pale Ale malt and than get two batches running (one imperial, one partigyle pale).